Educating Doctors on America's Growing Water Crisis

Since 2014 at least 100,000 households in Detroit have experienced home water disconnection, with many more at risk for water shutoffs in the future. Water is becoming increasingly unaffordable for low income communities in America, and service disconnection practices have left too many people without running water in their homes. This crisis of water insecurity has clear health implications. As a medical student, I believe it is important for medical professionals to learn more about this topic so we can better serve patients affected by water shutoffs and partner with organizations working towards water equity.

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"Until justice runs down like waterS and righteousness like a mighty stream"

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Clean, affordable and accessible water and sanitation are human rights

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A National Call for Moral Revival

"Water is a symptom of the issue, the issue is poverty....because you live in poverty you're dispensable."

Nicole Hill, Water Activist